Terms and Conditions

Below mentioned firm points are elaborated purposely to make customers use our Scrap selling service practically. Here Terms & Conditions has been proclaimed for better flexibility & effectiveness of Junkart’s solution. We strictly recommend our customers to follow our guidelines on the following scenarios-

Terms and conditions to ponder:

1) To make our solution more productive to our customers, it’s our gentle appeal for existing & future customers that they must not share or interchange their personal phone numbers with our Junkart Scrap vendors or Kabadiwala for any uninformed business.

2) We also appeal our prevailing & future customers to utilize our service via Junkart’s Website & App for proactive customer support system from our end. Our online service has been dedicated for better user interaction with 100% outcomes of success.

3) We buy scrap from our customers in relation to the best competitive market rate. The prices we offer is the most cash worthy. Join our service to enjoy to the fullest.

4) Vendors can use digital weighing scale with loyalty and its customer’s sole responsibility to check out few chances of fraudulent & immediately report to our customer support team so that we can proceed actions.

5) Evaluation of Electronic waste will be done on the spot by our Scrap vendors as per the value of that waste. For future buying of E- waste, we will be introducing a SCRAP calculator and we request our customers to bear with us.

All the protocols mentioned above is to rectify any glitch, which stops you from receiving a Technology friendly service. We hereby recommend you to follow the inclined instructions.