Our Partners

Earthy Zest

Earthy Zest means being in sync and enthusiastic with our environment. Our goal is to provide products of high quality, having the least impact on the environment and designed for daily use to our customers. We do this by offering our upcycled and eco-friendly products that are manufactured by us and by our vision aligned partners.

Earthyzest partner
EWRI partner

E-Waste Recyclers India

EWRI is here with one mission, save the environment from our e-waste so we can keep this dear planet habitable for our future generation. The more technological dependent we are becoming, the more we are producing E-Waste. The used computer parts, used mobile parts and used parts of every other electronic device are polluting the environment because you and I are not careful about dumping it properly. As an affordable e-waste recyclers in India, EWRI is here to take care of your e-garbage.

Electronic Sewa

Electronic Sewa has been established with the vision of providing reliable and speedy cell phone repairs and protection at the customers’ doorstep. Serving Delhi and surrounding areas a premier Tech Repair & Device Protection experience. We pride ourselves on our level of customer service and getting the repair done right the first time! Currently we are offering 3 services in the market which includes Mobile Repair, Mobile Protection and Mobile AMC.

Electronics Sewa partner