Today, copper is everywhere around us, from our electrical wires to Ayurveda-suggested cups. Its uses are diverse, its applications are many. But why do you need to sell used copper, or even think of recycling copper? We give you 7 reasons as to why!

1. Your New Copper Wire Is Actually Old Copper


The USA alone sees around 3/4ths of its new copper getting recycled to make newer products. Basically, copper is said to have an infinite recyclable ability, which means it can be used on & on & on &...

2. Even the Arabs Believed in Recycling Used Copper


One of the seven wonders of the ancient world was the Colossus Of Rhodes, which stood like a gatekeeper to all ships entering the Rhodes island of Greece (yes, exactly like that statue in Braavos). There was however, just one mistake made regarding it; the entire statue’s exterior was made out of steel and brass (a copper alloy). After an earthquake brought it down, the invading Arabs took away all the parts of the statue, and melted away the metal. All of it.

3. Copper Kills


It actually does, and that too, thoroughly. In fact its victims too are just as dangerous; Shigella flexneri, Escherichia coli, even Rotavirus. Confused? All of these are disease causing micro-organisms which have been found to be inactivated or killed in water, simply by being stored in copper containers. With all the wars going on in the world, from Syria to Sudan, reused copper can at least guarantee disease-free water for those people who are too poor to afford Kent RO.

4. It is Friends With Almost Every Metal


Copper has been used to make a variety of alloys, all of them having different functions. The more commonly known ones include bronze (with tin; sometimes aluminium or silicon) and brass (with zinc). On the other extreme end, we have our Indian Panchaloha (a five metal alloy of gold, silver, zinc, iron & of course copper) and the newer Dymalloy (copper with silver & diamond). In total? Wikipedia claims 400 such alloys of copper exist. Now imagine what your home’s KEI copper wire will become next.

5. It Has Made Indian Spacecrafts Great Again


Some millenniums after India made the world’s first spacecraft, the mysterious ‘Vimana’, the successful Mangalyaan mission led to global admiration & appreciation for India’s space program. A small but very important role in this was played by Dr. Venkata Krishnan & his invention, the Copper Chromate Burn Rate Catalyst. This (yet another) copper catalyst regulates the fuel burning rate of the PSLV rockets which are used in India’ space missions, including the Mangalyaan orbiter. BTW, we were kidding about the Vimana; there is no proof about it.

6. It has an entire historic age named after it


How important can a metal be, if the making of it is used to find the level of advancement of the civilization? Following the Stone Age, the Bronze Age marks the next step of human smartness, as humans from America to Egypt to China independently discovered how to combine copper & tin (or any other similar metal) to make the widely-used bronze. Our India’s very own Indus Valley Civilization were among the early learners of this copper alloy technique!

7. It pays to sell used copper


If nothing else, that works, right? You can sell used copper to the kabadiwala, and do your bit to recycle the metal (safely) and earn some money (easily). A word of advice: before selling your used copper, you can look at the online ratecard of any of these digital kabadiwalas to know the prevailing rate of the metal.

C u” soon!!