Now, you may wonder; when people here are more than happy to dispose off their used tyres, how can anyone sell used tyres in India? Who buys it, and what can be done with it? Most importantly, why are used tyres required to be disposed off safely?

(Image by: Pexels via Pixabay)

1. Why Used Tyres Are A Problem

They may seem boring black circles, but tyres contain

  • Rubber (both natural & synthetic)
  • Steel wires & beads (the beads are coated in rubber!)
  • Fabric

Even setting aside this unusual mix of components, the problems of disposing off tyres are special because of:

  1. The number of tyres used & disposed (in 2008, about 1.5 billion tyres were produced)
  2. The opposing features of tyres (have a large size, but most of it is empty space)
  3. Not being easily recycled (you can always burn aluminium & reuse it; sometimes for plastic, but how do you reuse big tyres?)

2. What Can Used Tyres Be Used For?

Thankfully, science has found a number of new ways to both recycle and/or reuse tyres. Just some of these applications are:

  1. Concrete making (where whole tyres are added to the mixture)
  2. Asphalt making
  3. Used in construction (putting them in the foundations), as barriers (on roads or nea waterbodies)
  4. Used as a fuel source/carbon source by industries like steel mills
  5. And many other applications

However, none of these will be possible if the waste itself does not reach the facilities. Which is where you can help.

3. Who Buys Used Tyres In India?

Leaving aside the OLX & IndiaMart listings, there are a number of ways by which you can dispose/get rid of used tyres across India. These include:


A number of Indian brands are turning to tyres for making home décor & furniture solutions. You can contact any of these brands, and maybe get your own tyre-made chair from them (yup, they take custom orders too!).


Aside from the fact that it is a venture started by a 12 year old school kid, Tyrelessly is also special because it picks up tyres from your home & safely disposes them off in recycling plants; however this facility is only available across Delhi NCR. There are also many counterparts in India, such as some of the above companies, or others in your city/town/village who are just a Google search away!


Coming down to the most preferred option of all true Indians, there are a number of places which will gladly pay you for your used tyres. As kabadiwalas go digital, you can refer to this list of waste buyers all over India, and get them to buy your used tyres (most of them will pay you for your used tyres, and are present in cities ranging from Hyderabad to Bhopal). Do refer to their rate cards; most of them keep changing their rates as per the ‘market’ prices. Nonetheless, you get paid for what was just garbage to you, and the environment breathes a bit easily!