So where can a citizen of India sell plastic waste online? Here is a list of some online service providers which do buy kabadi, right from your home!


But obvious, man; first our company! Junkart is present all over Delhi-NCR (Greater Noida residents give us a call first; seriously, why do you live so far out?) and thus, also has vendors all over the cities of Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad & Noida. We accept all these items (no clothes yet, but EarthyZest does upcycle thrown out clothes), but are open to any suggestions you may have. Like, did you know we organized the clean-up of plastic bottles (discarded by runners) at the Run organized in Delhi? Big dreams and all that, you know :p


(Corporate, serious voice back on) ExtraCarbon is headquartered in Gurgaon, and present all over Delhi-NCR. While most of the basic stuff is taken (metal, plastic, paper), there is no mention of specialized stuff (cars, bikes, TV, AC). How much do they pay for your scrap? For one, they pay in both cash & Jhoomley Cash. Compared to Junkart, there is a difference of around Re. 1 to Rs. 5 (when it comes to cash; they are more liberal when it comes to Jhoomley). Which seems a much large amount when you have a quantity of more than 20 kg, and if you do not use Jhoomley...They also have a service where they sell stuff.

Visit : ExtraCarbon


This one seems a bit...staid. While there is mention of the usual paper, metal and plastic pickup, there is nothing more in it. The site seems amateur-ish, while there does not seem to be a lot of interest in it either; no sign of them in the usual media features. They service pickup requests in Noida & Ghaziabad.

Visit: Kabad2Cash

Not much information, and unlike the above 3, not even a rate card! Based in Varanasi, they apparently serve the entire city. Favorable Facebook reviews make the site worth a look if you live in the city.

Visit: SellKabadi


Based out of Gurgaon, the website at least looks easily navigable. In the absence of a rate card, and emphasis on their services (material recovery, end-to-end solutions, the likes) it seems more geared toward corporates & housing societies. At the same time, they do say that they pickup plastic, raddi, furniture, appliances, electronic waste and even the massive category of 'others'. So yes, you can sell plastic waste online here...

Visit: Rekart

The Kabadiwala

Present only in Bhopal, Aurangabad, Ahmedabad, Indore & Noida, they do take more items than the others (milk covers, oil/water covers, beer bottles and even grey boards). Their rates are different in different cities, so better have a look at the rate card before you call them. Also, they seem to have franchises in at least some cities; that might help you (if you are a business guy/gal looking for this opportunity) or hinder you (if you are a customer giving a complaint).

Visit: The Kabadiwala

Kabadi Express

Cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminium, old batteries...check. Located in Dwarka, Delhi, they declare that they serve only the West Delhi areas of Dwarka, Janakpuri, Vikaspuri & Uttam Nagar. There is however, no sign of the prices they pay for the different types of scrap they take. Alternatively, independent business people can also avail the franchise model of this business.

Visit: Kabadi Express

Kabadiwalla Connect

This one is a bit different from the rest; through their mobile application (Recykle), they let residents find out about the kabadiwallas in their vicinity, the type of scrap they deal in and finally, allows residents to contact these kabadiwallas too, all by themselves. They also have a facility in the city which buys PET bottles from kabadiwallas, breaks them down to small pieces, which are then sold to fabric manufacturers. Present only in Chennai.

Visit: Kabadiwalla Connect


Present in Chennai, Paperman deals with plastic, glass, paper and metal. It not only pays you for your scrap (yes, they have a rate card), but if you're feeling somewhat generous, you can donate the money received straight to an NGO of your choice. What you do choose, is upto you!



This Hyderabad-based startup buys paper, plastic & metal waste, yes; it also has a surprisingly elaborate list of electronic waste it purchases, and the rates paid for them. They are a part of Waste Ventures India, which is involved with urban waste management as well in managing corporate waste.

Visit: Toter


Again present in Chennai (and in Pune as, Kuppathoti does not have a rate card present. Also, the Pune operations seem a bit...non-operational. You can contact them here & ask.

Visit: Kuppathoti


The city of Bangalore is home to Olopie; they may not have a rate card, but they buy plastic, paper and electrical waste. Repairing of electrical appliances, as well as complete data wipes on electronic devices are available here.

Visit: Olopie

Apna Kabadi

Up north, Kanpur has Apna Kabadi. They take paper, plastic and different types of electronic waste including transformers & wires; yes, they have a rate card. Go on, give them a call!

Visit: Apna Kabadi,

Raipur Kabadiwala

Raipur has also joined in, with its eponymous named waste collecting service. Here, with a proper rate card to boot, they buy the usual collection of metal, plastic, paper and electronic waste. But they cannot achieve anything if citizens don't buy in to it.

Visit: Raipur Kabadiwala.

Hopefully, the list will only expand. After all, the only winners here should be the customer & the environment!